WINNDOT is the acronym for the initiative between the Minnesota and Wisconsin DOTís to streamline oversize/overweight permitting processes between the two states. The WINNDOT Initiative started in 2009, a result of the Governors of both states asking their agencies to work together between borders to find operational and purchasing efficiencies and savings. The WisDOT and MnDOT permit offices have worked closely since to better understand each otherís permitting processes; to compare statutory and regulatory requirements and consider ways to harmonize; to share best practices that improve customer understanding and compliance with permitting rules; to look for ways to promote seamless cross-border permitting.

What Is WINNDOT Portal?

In 2011, WisDOT and MnDOT began discussions to develop a web interface where a carrier traversing both Wisconsin and Minnesota can make one application and receive a permit from each state. The appropriate application data would be sent to each individual state and processed by the State as if the carrier made a separate application with each State. The intent is to offer an efficient method of applying for permits and reduce the time a carrier spends in separate transactions.